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poniedziałek, 10 marca 2014

First lesson .

Hi ! My name is Michael and i'm 12 .
Durning today's lesson we had to present our projects concerning favourite figures from hisotry . Projects were very interesting . My presentation was about faraon but he isn't my favourite history character . I don't have andy favourite history character because I don't like history . I forgot to bring my presentation and no one could admire my hard work :D 

                                                                                         See you later :) Bye

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  1. Hi Michael !
    i didn't see your project but i admire you. because your English is very good.:)
    but not the "history character", the right one is historic character.
    good night.

  2. Odpowiedzi
    1. Thank you, the good teacher didn't notice that mistake ;)
      Have a nice evening.

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  4. Hi Michael!
    My favourire subject is math.
    But history is also an interesing subject.