We are the students of Primary School in Chojnice. We started this blog because we truly want to improve our English. Please try to be understanding as we might make some grammar or vocabulary mistakes. We appreciate all of your comments so that we get better and better at this beautiful but difficult language.

środa, 26 marca 2014

Katie's song :)

Hi ! I'm Katie and this is my song :

1) You go on the track
    You don't wanna come back
    You don't understand
    We were friends
    But You closed the door
    Oh why ? Oh no ...

Chorus) I can be your light
             at the darkest night
             I can't be your sun
             You know it's fun
             Because it's truth x2

2)  In your beautiful dreams
     You can't lose, you should win
     But it isn't true
     But it isn't true
     I remember you closed the door
    Oh why ? Oh no..

Chorus ) .....

I can be your light at the darkest night .

środa, 19 marca 2014

My best friend and me

Hello everyone!
My name is Klaudia. I am 13 years old. I like badminton

My best friend's name is Natalia. She is 13 years old. She likes volleyball. Her favourite food is spaghetti. Her favourite shop is House. She is quite clever and she is very funny. :-*

What about you?


                                                                 OUR IDEAL COUNTRY

- it rains jelly-babies

- there's no currency-everyone pays in jelly-babies

- trees are made of candy-floss

- Lakes are full of orangeade instead of water

- When people die their souls turn into flowers

- Time passesd much slower and people die at 18 ( Ola likes such drastic scenes ;) )

- Everything is sweet and pink

Our Ideal Country is called Baby-Jellies World :)

Designed by :  Ola, Katie and Michael

czwartek, 13 marca 2014

Task of the day :)

Can anyone answer these questions about the song below? Write the answers in comments. The best ones will be awarded ;)

  • Where is the love?
  • What is happening to the man running towards the end of the video and why?
  • Listen to the chorus. What is happening to the people and the children?

poniedziałek, 10 marca 2014

First lesson .

Hi ! My name is Michael and i'm 12 .
Durning today's lesson we had to present our projects concerning favourite figures from hisotry . Projects were very interesting . My presentation was about faraon but he isn't my favourite history character . I don't have andy favourite history character because I don't like history . I forgot to bring my presentation and no one could admire my hard work :D 

                                                                                         See you later :) Bye


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